Mounting of electrode boilers

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We accept applications for installation of Galan boilers purchased from us. We are located in Łódź Voivodeship (Łódź) and it is preferable for us and you if you are located no further than 200 km away. At the moment we do not include the costs of travelling to you in the installation, but in the future we will create a tariff scale, which will include the costs of travelling to you.

Electrode boiler 6 kW
Welcome! Today we want to tell you and show you how to clean the electrodes in your ion boiler before the heating season or when the boiler power drops. Because we were approached by a boiler buyer with a problem of low heating power of a nine kilowatt Geyser 9 boiler. As you can see, the current when heating water in the heating system was less than three amps against the required fourteen. Our client has installed new metal radiators which are lubricated from the inside with grease. This is apparently used to ensure long term storage and protection from corrosion in the warehouse and shop before they are purchased. However, when they are installed with an electrode boiler, this grease gradually transfers to the electrodes of the boiler. This creates a dielectric layer between the electrodes and the water. This is not always the case, but we have encountered this problem more than once.
In any case, it is necessary to wash and clean the electrodes from any kind of deposits.
After all these procedures, we measured the current and it turned out that the water in the heating system is softer and less conductive than it should be. So we added a pinch of salt to the water. As you can see, everything is back to normal. We now have 12 amps per phase, which is the same as the boiler rating.
And that's all for today! See you in the next videos!

Cost of installing an electric boiler for private homes

In this subsection we present the connection diagrams of the electrode boiler to the heating system, as well as variations in electronic control

Sequential diagram for connecting an electrode boiler to the heating system
The classic scheme for connecting an electrode boiler in series to the heating system, allowing the boiler to be installed when it is not possible to connect the boiler in parallel. 
The advantage of this connection: simpler installation. Possibility of simultaneous operation of two boilers (no manual switching between boilers).
Disadvantage: It is not possible to disconnect the solid fuel (primary) boiler from the heating system.
Heating system with electrode boiler (parallel)

The classic parallel connection of an electrode boiler to the heating system, which allows more efficient use of the heating system than a series connection. 
Advantage of this connection: Possibility to disconnect the primary or secondary (electrode) boiler.
Disadvantage: No possibility of simultaneous functioning of two boilers.

Heating system with electrode boiler (with heat exchanger)

Connection diagram using a heat exchanger. This connection scheme is an alternative to the classic parallel system. 
Advantages: With this connection, two circulation loops are formed: a small one and a large one. The large circle can include a solid fuel boiler, radiators, underfloor heating and a hot water boiler. A small circle includes an additional electrode boiler, expansion tank and circulation pump. Thanks to the heat exchanger, the heat carriers in the large and small circle do not mix, which facilitates the adjustment of the water (heating medium) resistance for the operation of the electrode boiler.
Disadvantage: Reduced efficiency of the electrode boiler. 

Schematic diagram of a room controller with WIFI

This is an installation diagram for a room thermostat with WIFI.

The thermostat with wi-fi consists of two parts: the "base" unit and the thermostat with screen, which is installed in the living space. In our case, it is necessary to connect the "base" part of the regulator to our electrode boiler control box using a three-wire cable. This in turn will connect to the regulator in the room via radio link. And the room regulator is powered by two batteries and connected to your home wi-fi network. 
You install the app on your smartphone and control the room temperature with the set temperature by means of the electrode boiler.

Circuit diagram for connecting two temperature controllers in one circuit

This simple wiring diagram shows how to control the boiler using two thermostats (one with WI-FI function, the other TR-16). But the thermostats can be any and there can be more than two.

In this short video, we show the installation of a Geyser 6 boiler that we installed on behalf of our client. 

Installation of Galan Geyser 15 electrode boiler

Installation of electric boiler Galan Geyser 9 in parallel to the boiler on coal. Also consider the peculiarities of electric connection of the electric boiler.

Video on the installation of a 15 KW electrode boiler and on expansion vessels in heating systems.

Video of the installation of an electrode boiler in a 400m2 house with a capacity of 25kW in parallel with a solid fuel boiler.