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Tuya or Smart Life Konlen Temperature Controller (KL-WF96D)

From January 2024, the manufacturer launched an updated version of the Konlen thermostat. Here you will find connection circuits and video instructions for its use. Materials on the previous version of the regulator remain below on the page.

Smart Life & Tuya Smart logo
The wi-fi connected Konlen thermostat regulates the room temperature by switching heating or cooling on and off, set by the user in their smartphone using the Tuya smart or Smart Life app
Screenshot of Smart Life app showing Konlen thermostat control options
Electrical connection diagram for the thermostat


It is a WIFI time temperature controller that can realise temperature monitoring and multi-period heating or cooling control, high or low temperature alarm.  The product is suitable for various heating/cooling control systems.
Main Features

* Real-time monitoring: The controller and app display the temperature in real time.
* Remote start/stop of heating or cooling equipment via the app.
* Pre-set hot or cold mode: can automatically switch on/off equipment when it reaches a pre-set
temperature value.
* Setting of upper
and lower temperature alarm values, real-time alarm notification for app users.
* Scheduled on/off, you can control the timing of the equipment.
* You can use the A and B button to switch the equipment on/off and set the automatic start/stop temperature value.
manually, so the controller can still operate manually when the WIFI is offline.
Note: The temperature alarm notification in the app is only available when the network is online.

Product size: 89mm x 55mm x 44mm
Installation: standard 35mm mounting rail.
Power supply: AC230V

Temperature detection range: -30°C to +150°C
Measurement error: ±1°C
Output: 1 relay output (normally open)
Relay lifetime: 100,000 times.
The contact current capacity is 10A, inductive load 2A, can control a 2000 W resistive load or a
500 W motor or water pump.
You need larger loads, add an AC contactor, or it will cause a burning danger.

Operating environment of the unit: -10°C~50°C
WIFI: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHZ B/G/N, does not support 5G.

Before connecting to a 230V power supply, make sure the connection is correct so that the equipment does not burn out.
A:   WIFI configuration button
       Set start temperature value
       Inquiry the temperature setting value of starting and stopping
B:   On/Off button: Only works when the current temperature is between the preset start and stop temperature value.
       Set the stop temperature value
C:    Displays the temperature in real time
D:    Status LED
1,2:  Operating power input: AC 230V
3,4:  Normally open relay output
5,6:  Useless
7,8:  Connect to temperature sensor (No distinction between positive and negative)

   Install the application
a.  Download the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app

b.  Install the Tuya Smart application

c.   Register a new account via email
   Add device application
a.  First press and hold the WIFI setup button (do not release it), then connect to the 230V
power supply.  Do not release the button until you see the LED rotate in a circle.
b.  Release the WIFI button when you see the indicator light move in a circular track
the unit will enter WIFI configuration mode.
c.   Click + ---- select WIFI slot select
Your 2.4G Wi-Fi network enter correct Wi-Fi password---Further----Further----Further----Further---- select the option (confirm that the indicator flashes quickly)---Further---add device---add successful

APP Instruction

Screenshot of the Smart Life app
Smart Life & Tuya Smart logo

Note: Manual switching of the application is only effective if the current temperature is within the range from the preset start and end temperature values.

Pre-set hot or cold working mode:

When the preset start temperature is higher than the end value, this is the cooling mode.  For example xx
≥25°C, start the cooling equipment; xx ≤10°C, stop.

When the set initial temperature is lower than the final value, this is heating mode.  For example, xx <5°C, start the heating equipment; xx≥20°C, stop.

Set the upper and lower temperature alarm limits
For example: Set a temperature range of 25 ~ 33 degrees Celsius, when the house temperature
is within the temperature range, the controller will operate normally.  If the temperature is lower than
25 degrees Celsius or more than 33 degrees Celsius, it will send an alarm notification to users'
smart phone via the app.

Note: make sure the app notification office is enabled.
Open the app --- Me --- Settings --- App notification --- then enable all options.

Top cover from the electrical panel with cut-out hole for Konlen thermo regulator

Elegantly Integrate the Konlen Thermo Regulator into Your Electrical Setup

  Although the Konlen thermostat boasts a modular electrical equipment form factor, installing it seamlessly on a DIN-rail alongside other devices requires a dash of finesse. Navigate through our visual guide below, which effortlessly steers you through a swift and aesthetically pleasing installation amidst your circuit breakers and low-voltage electrical apparatus.

Konlen thermostat installed with other low voltage equipment
Konlen thermostaKonlen thermostat installed with ammeter and circuit

In the photos above, you can see that the Konlen thermostat is positioned slightly above the DIN-rail. Although it is mounted on a din rail, this rail is higher than the main rail by about 20 mm.

Konlen thermostat mounted on a DIN-rail attached to another DIN-rail
A three-module DIN-rail is connected to another DIN-rail

To achieve this, cut a small piece of DIN-rail or buy a ready-made one (for three modules) and attach it to the main rail with two M5 bolts. Thread four nuts (in this case M6) of larger diameter (or M5) onto these to create rigidity.

Top cover from the electrical panel with a cut-out hole where the Konlen thermostat is already installed

Note that the overall dimensions of the Konlen thermostat are larger than other electrical appliances. Therefore, a square (approximately 60mm in height) should be cut out at the top and bottom of the electrical box to fit it perfectly.

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