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Boilers Gazda brand


In our shop you will find a wide range of GAZDA boilers to help provide your home with warmth and comfort. They are equipped with advanced technology and high reliability to save energy and money.

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Our boilers are designed to be integrated into heating systems - both individual and combination. They can be installed in parallel or in series with existing gas or solid fuel boilers and can also be used to heat water in indirect heating tanks. The boiler is designed to pass alternating current through the heat transfer medium between the electrodes, which converts the electrical energy into thermal energy. Particular attention must be paid to the electrical conductivity of the heat transfer medium for optimum boiler operation. It must be understood that issues relating to changes in electrical conductivity with an electrode boiler are not a problem if installed correctly. One solution is to install a heat exchanger in parallel with the electrode boiler or to connect a KROS seven-bridge thermostat which enables regulation of the current intensity when the electrode boiler is in operation. In this way, the influence of the conductivity of the water on the operation of the system is negligible.

Single-phase electrode boilers GAZDA are covered with polymer material on the outside. Thus, there is no metal conductive part that can be touched by a person when the boiler is switched on. And the boiler drum is not in any way in contact with walls and ground. In this regard, the boiler works perfectly well in the electrical network when the RCD is switched on. 

Ground & RCD
GAZDA single-phase boiler without wire connection covers
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Electrode single-phase boilers

Electrode three-phase boilers