Electrode heating boiler Galan Volcano 36 with control box. The electrode boiler output of 36 kW.

A distinctive feature of this boiler is that, as it were, is divided into "two separate boilers" of 18 kilowatts each. That is, you can only turn it on at half power (18 kW). And if necessary, and all the power (36 kW).

It is also completed with two cables of 3.5 meters each.


Technical specifications of boiler



•Volume of heated space (m3)-1200

•Rated input (kW)-36

•Rated voltage (V)-380

•Critical current of boiler on each phase (A), frequency 50hz-2x27.3

•Rated current of automatic equipment. Electromechanical option (A)-2x3x32

•Section of a conducting copper vein of connecting cable (mm2)-2x6

•Advisable coolant capacity in heating system (l)-200-400

•Sleeve DU for boiler connection to heating system (mm). Diameter of nipples "Input" and "Outlet" of a boiler-32

•Class of electrocution protection-1

•Length (mm)-570

•Mass (kg)-11.0+17.0 control box

Electrode heating boiler Volcano 36 with control box.

Availability of ammeter