Electrode heating boiler Galan-Geyser 15 without any control.. The electrode boiler output of 15 kW.


Technical specifications of boiler



•Volume of heated space (m3)-550

•Rated input (kW)-15

•Rated voltage (V)-380

•Critical current of boiler on each phase (A), frequency 50hz-22.7

•Rated current of automatic equipment. Electromechanical option (A)-3x25

•Section of a conducting copper vein of connecting cable (mm2)-4

•Advisable coolant capacity in heating system (l)-100-200

•Sleeve DU for boiler connection to heating system (mm). Diameter of nipples "Input" and "Outlet" of a boiler-32

•Class of electrocution protection-1

•Length (mm)-410

•Mass (kg)-5.3

Electrode heating boiler Geyser 15