Ammeter AM-3/100 (hereinafter - the device), designed to measure the current strength in a three-phase network. Measuring the current is performed without breaking the circuit, using remote sensors.
  Then the device will display the measured value of current strength at each phase, at intervals of 2 seconds. With the "B" button you can select one phase for continuous monitoring. To do so, select the desired phase with the "B" button and hold it for approx. 2 seconds to fix it. After the instrument's indicator starts flashing, the button should be released. A short press of the "B" button brings the device to normal operation.

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage of the device is 230V +/-20%
Operating ambient temperature from 0 to 40 ° C
Input power -1W
Measurement discreteness -0.1A (0 to 99.9A) and 1A (100 to 150A)
Current measuring range 0A-150A
Error of measurement -1%

Ammeter Three-phase AM-3/100