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Dear buyer!

    In order to use completely the  advantages of our boilers and evade possible unfortunate mistakes when installing the heating system, the boilers installation, start up and further operation, and also its target application we, strongly urge to acquaint yourself with this Manual, which contains information about this device, its characteristics, operating principle, applying, boiler installation rules, some of the main eating system installation specifications, exploitation, service, protective measures, preparation and maintance of detailed documantation etc.

Boilers are designed for heating of residential houses, which includes villas, cottages, garden cottages, multistorey apartment buildings, garages, bath-houses, buildings and premises of municipal, business, public, inducstrial and agricultural purpose, and, also, another constructions in absense or inefficiency of the centralized heating.

   Electrical heating boilers of the flowing type of the private company "Galan" Firm" of the series "Ochag-Turbo", "Geyzer-Turbo", "Vulkan-Turbo" are applied only in closed systems of heating without hot water take-off in household, production or any other purposes, with natural and compulsory (with use of the pump) circulation of the heat carrier, with recommended most economy mode – the temperature on the boiler inlet is  35+45 °C, at the outlet – 65+75 °C (further in the text – a boiler).


These boilers are designed by the private company "Galan" Firm" and producing only in Russia. The fixed temperature is maintained in the heated space by automation equipment, including the heating controler.Continuous operation.The following conditions are necessary for normal work of a boiler:• the limit temperature in the room, where the boiler is established, is – from +10 to +40 °C;the operative temperature – from +10 to +35 °C. If there are no other requirements;• relative humidity at 20 °C – not more than 75%;• environment – not explosive, contains no aggressive gases and vapors, which can destroy metal and isolation, and also without production dust in quantities, destroying or breaking work of a boiler.In boilers design there are no combustible materials, therefore our boilers are fireproofBoilers specifications – TU3468-002-17289826-04;Designations at the order: – Copper "Ochag-Turbo-№"Note: No. – boiler capacity (kW)Example: – Boiler "Ochag-Turbo 6"Specifications:According to to the levels of protection against electric shock, the boiler conforms to the 1 class. Mains supply with a frequency of 50 Hz, with a voltage of 220/380 V ±10 % with a safety ground of the case.Temperature indoors depends on accuracy of the chosen brand of a boiler and building insulation. Thus the quantity of the heat carrier in system shouldn't exceed 40 liters on 1 kW of power consumption of a boiler.The main specifications of boilers are provided in table 1.

The recommended delivery set:

1. Boiler

3. Maintenance manual

2. Control module

4. Package

The boilers, acquired without automatic control system are not covered under warranty.

Safety requirements

The boiler has to be grounded when setting up in the heating system. Conductive parts of a boiler (terminals) have to be protected.

The connection scheme of a boiler has to conform to this scheme in this Manual.


Weld and screw joints of the heating system have to provide system leakproofness.

It isn't allowed water falling on an external surfaces of a boiler. Only persons at the age of 18 and older, who knows boiler's structure and operating instructions, are considered to serve the boiler. 


It is forbidden

• Operation of the electric boiler in the absence of the stationary earth loop meeting the requirements of PUE and GOST 12.1.030-81;

• To install the electric boiler closely to room walls, the minimum distance to combustible designs not less than 150 mm;

• At the exit from the electric boiler to install cranes, gates or other shutoff valves;

• Operation of the electric boiler in the absence of water in heating system;

• Operation of the electric boiler without expansion chamber;

• Operation of the electric boiler at insulance of electric heaters less than 0,5 megohms;

• Operation of the electric boiler at faulty system of automatic regulation of temperature in heating system;

• To hold near the working electric boilerflammable liquids and subjects and also to dry things on the electric boiler case;

• To turn on the electric boiler in case of freezing of water in it or in system of heating;• Operation of the electric boiler at mechanical damages of the case of the electric boiler;• To fill heating system with oil or other oil products.

Boiler installation (mounting) in the heating systemHeating systems projects, installation works of boilers and automatic equipment, connecting to the power supply network (including grounding), starting up, servising, inspection of boiler condition, testing operation must be carried out by the organization (firm) with apropriate license. While execution of the listed above works, documentation on heating systems, and also while operation must be observed:

• "Interindustry Electrical Installations Code" (EIC);

• "Regulations for Operation of Customer's Electrical Installations";

• "Safety Rules for Operation of Electrical Installations";

• "Rules of Design and Safe Operation of Electric Boilers and Electric Boiler Houses"

• Present Manual.

 Сonstruction code and regulations, "Regulation of fire safety of Russian Federation" also must be observed.   Boilers connection, installation of automated operation of heating systems, its service, including its repair, can be carried out by electricians or specialists in instrumentation and automated control systems with the appropriate qualification, certified and admitted to work with electrical installations not more than 1000 V, with electrical safety group not less than 3.

Qualified heating engineers are necessary for installation, operation and repairing of the heating systems. The experts, mentioned above have to know "Rules of Design and Safe Operation of Electric Boilers and Electric Boiler Houses" and the present Manual. During the works with a corrosion inhibitor, nonfreezing liquid, washing and surface cleaning agents you should be aware of comply with the rules of its safe application.   On completion of the listed above works the organization (firm) which performed these works makes entry in Journal (Appendix No. 2) which is certified by the responsible person and the press of this organization.   Attention! Product warranty liabilities are valid for the boiler, installed according to the mentioned requirements with appropriate registration of the performed works. The warranty doesn't extend on the boiler, installed not according to the project, or by unauthorized organization, or uncertified experts.   Monitoring of the boiler operation can be carried out only by persons aged 18 and older, who got through the corresponding instruction, know the present Manual, the boiler design and the rules of the safe supervision of its operation.

Boilers connection to the electric grid of the energy provider.   In case of insufficient allocated power, boiler connection is carrying out according to the following procedure. It should be noted that this order of connection to the power supply networks is applied not to the electric boilers only but also to the electric boilers of all other types.

Installation, preparation for work and operating procedure.Attention! Safe and reliable functioning of a boiler depends on its correct installation and connection, that has to be agreed with the power supply organization which you will use for connection.

   Installation and connection of a boiler can be carried out only by the organization (or by organizations), which has the license for execution of the corresponding types of works. The organization (or organizations) which is carrying out installation and connection, must do the corresponding mark in the coupon for installation.


The heating system.

   To mount the heating system. The heating system must be open type with the top branching. Thus, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness of pipe ducts, excluding getting the metal cuttings and other foreign impurities inside. Installation of the coarse-mesh filter is obligatory when mounting. When mounting of the cast iron radiator, it is nesessary to instal the the coarse-mesh filter and settling filter.

   When installation is completed the system must be washed carefully, preferably using an inhibitor of "GALAN" ("Protector").

   To install the boiler. The boiler must be installed in the heating system vertically. When mounting, the boiler must be fasten to the wall irrespectively of the mode of connection with the heating system.

   Existence of isolation valves between the boiler outlet and the expansion tank is prohibited.

   It is nesessary that the heating system to be grounded. Resistance of the grounding must be not more than 4 Ohms (a wire with a section not less than 4 mm2 - 6 mm2, depends on the boiler capacity). Resistance value between the grounding bolt (screw, pin) and each touchable     metal non-current-carrying part of a product, which can be under a strain, shouldn't exceed 0,1 Ohms.



    Preparation of the electric boiler for work   

    Install the boiler in the heating system according to the chosen scheme. Ground securely the electric boiler body according to Electrical installation code and GOST 12.1.030-81. To fill heating system with the heat carrier.

    It is allowed to use distilled water or low-temperature liquid (nonfreezing at - 400C) with boiling temperature not lower than 1000C, without mechanical impurity and certified as the heat carrier for the heating systems. When filling the system it is nesessary to provide absence of air void.

    Remove a protection cover, put through the power according to the operational manual of the control mode. Apply for electric installation a wire with the section of the copper conductor, specified in the table:

When connecting to the current supply of "Ochag-Turbo" boilers, the protection cover is not removed. Current supply is connected to the wires, brought out of the boiler case.  The main control unit, recommended by the private company "Firm "Galan", is the electronic controller "Navigator". At will the buyer can establish an electrical equipment according to the following schemes.

1. Make connection of a boiler to an electric network according to the scheme, thus the "inlet" temperature sensor must be installed, as a rule, on the pipeline, getting out of the last radiator; the temperature sensor "outlet" must be installed on the pipeline, geting out of the boiler.   Connection of the sensors is carried out by a boiler  multiwire conductor with a section of 0,5-1 mm2.   The breaker assembly is designed for electric power up and down and also as the protective equipment in case of current overloads.    The button on the case of the magnetic starter is designed for turning the thermo relay on and off, and, under the normal operation of an electrical scheme of the boiler power supply, it is constantly on (sunken button). Keystroke means an overheating of wires because of defects in the electric scheme. Turning on of the Thermo Relay is made by pressing the button.   2. a) To establish the desired temperature value on the boiler "outlet" (70-75 °C).       b) To establish the desired temperature value on the boiler "intlet". This amount depends on the airspace, quality of the building insulation etc, generally make up 40-45 °C. The less temperature, thus the higher an efficiency of the work of the heating system.3. Turn on the breaker assembly. If the heating system and electrical schemes of the boiler connection are assembled correctly, your heating system will start warming-up quickly.

4. Further boiler turning on and off will be automatical:

a) when temperature on the boiler inlet reaches 40-45 °C an automatic equipment will disconnect boiler from the power supply. When temperature falls electric supply of a boiler will turn on automatically.

b) when temperature on the boiler outlet reaches 70-75 °C the boiler will be turned off. Its will turn on automatically when temperature fall.

   Electric schemes of connection via the two-channel eletkronic regulating temperature indicator "Navigator" are provided in the operational manual for "Navigator".         

   Rules of storage and transportation

   It is necessary to keep the boiler indoor with natural ventilation where temperature fluctuations and air humidity is significantly less than open air, in areas with a temperate and frigid climate at a temperature not more than +45 °C and not less than -50 °C, with relative humidity not more than 98%.

   The boiler can be transported by any kind of the closed transport, with obligatory observance of safety measures during transportation of fragile freights.


    MaintenanceSafe and reliable functioning of a boiler depends on its correct and timely servicing which must be carried out only by the organization with the license for the ap type corresponding type of works.   The consumer is obliged to provide timely servicing of a boiler, not less than once a year (preferably before starting of the heating season).   The optimum option for the consumer is to conclude the contract with one of the organizations offered by the seller, about maintance during all the service period of a boiler.  Boiler survicing includes its survey, partial dismantling, elimination of a scum on the heaters, measurement of the heaters resistance, resistance of the grounding circuit, and also other works without replacement any units or detales. The organization, performing listed above works, must confor to the manufacturer the list of works, ans the order and ways of its performance.

All the information about conducted works is executed by the Works Completion Report, entered in the boiler certificate, and certified by seal of the organization and signature.   



Boiler manufacturer adress:                                         Warranty workshop adress:

115280, Moscow,                                                                    123198, Mosow,

Leninskaya sloboda str, 9                                              Marshala Malinvskogo str., 2/1  

Private company "GALAN Firm"                                     Private company "GALAN Firm"      

Tel. no:  (499) 196-04-40, 196-04-41,

http://www. galan. ru


                      Certification information

Certificate of conformance:

Register number № РОСС RU. ME71. B00784  

Certification authority – ОС ЭИ АНО ЭТ 109052, Moscow city, Nyzhegorodskaya street, 29

Warranty liabilities
1. Guaranteed use period – 12 months from the date of sale.
2. The age of boiler – 3 years (upon condition of the correct operation of a boiler according to the real Manual).
3. Warranty liabilities extend on the boiler, installed by the regional service center (with compulsory filling of the enclosed coupon on installation).
4. Warranty liabilities extend on the boilers which passed the scheduled maintenance according to the present manual and appropriate registration of these works.
5. The manufacturer doesn't bear responsibility for operation of electric boilers, if:
• the scheme of the heating and electric connection doesn't correspond to specified in the present manual, and also the boiler was acquired without control system, recommended by the private company Galan Firm;
• the boiler has mechanical damages;
• the boiler operated at temperatures exceeding recommended in the present manual or with using of the heat carriers which aren't recommended by the private company Galan Firm.
• there are traces of moisture influence, ingestions, dust and dirt (including insects) on the terminals under the protection cover.
6. The producer doesn't bear responsibility for operation of electric boilers in case of a lightning stroke, the fire, flooding, the lack of ventilation and other reasons which are out of the manufaturer control.

Potential failures and the methods of its removal


Potential failure

Probable cause

Elimination method

Device does not switch on

Incorrect way of connection to the electrical grid


Entirety violation

of the leading electric wiring.

To check an accuracy of the device connection. Make a point of the correct connection of the protective earthing conductor (PE) and the neutral conductor (N)


To check the entirety of the leading electrical wiring.

Device does not switch on

Absence of an electric contact in the places of junction of the leading electric wiring and device clamp.

To check the quality of contact joints of the leading wiring to device clamps.
To clean up place of contact if its nesessary.

During operation of the device the system of the magnetic starter is buzzing (vibrating).

Electrical grid voltage is less than pointed in the tab.1

Enquire with  power supply organization, which electric grid was used for connection.