Boilers with the heating element Galan Turbo series


      Traditional, at first sight, boilers with the heating element of the "GALAN Turbo" series have a number of essential advantages over the similar boilers of other manufacturers. In design were used the latest import materials of the European production, certified according to the European quality standards of stainless steel of the AISI 316L brand, nichroms of new generation with the increased output capability, with life cycle and survivability (up to 1300 degrees) and also was used a new design of the heaters and blocks of the heaters, which allows to reduce dimensions (Ochag-Turbo) and weight (Ochag-Turbo, Geyzer-Turbo, Vulcan Turbo) of both heaters and a product (boiler) assembled, to improve maintainability and to simplify service.    It allows to receive low cost, to reduce inertia, to increase speed, and finally to increase profitability of electric boilers. Modern import materials of the European production allowed to make boilers much more reliable. Also on sale there are electrode coppers.